Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

So Tim you are a friend of Dubya then. So you must know Saddam, Osama,The Taliban,Musharef,House of Saud etc pretty well too then. Tell George the American death toll is 799 now. And for leading his country into war on false evidence and causing the deaths of 799 countrymen- he could very well be liable for treason which could possibly lead him to face the death penalty under US law. Tell him to spend some time with the families of the 799 dead(or even visit his first funeral) and visit the familes of the 911 victims.He will need his army of bodyguards. I hope on your travels you visit the aforementioned Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia,Uzbekistan etc and other brutal regimes CURRENTLY supported by the US.See how these places compare with the Ireland you hate. Goodbye!

Created By: David Brennan