Response to Set a Date to Pull Out

It's "beneath" Rahaman to respond to racist rants, hatred, etc.?? That is hilarious, Rachel. For heaven's sakes, it's not beneath him to fire incredibly despicable shots at anyone who he feels he has the right to!

This guy feels he is in some surreal position to neatly package various contributors into categorizations that are absolutely outrageous. He can call someone a scumbag (I didn't read Musgrave's post, however nonetheless), can refer to various individuals who oppose his viewpoints as supporters of rape, torture and mass murder - and in general can hurl personal accusations without merit. He continually types surnames into his posts for the sole purpose of insulting integrity and then he states (paraphrasing): 'Nah, let's ingore these people. They're not worth our time. Let's move forward.' Subsequently, and without provocation from specific "pro-war" poster he detests, he'll incorporate their names into his posts and say things like 'why are these people sabotaging our discussions?'

If his problem here was with Musgrave, then he should have fired his well-known venom at him and left myself and others out of it. Why doesn't he follow his own advice, or yours for that matter? I mean, he made it an actual point to say that his intention was to ignore certain people for the 'good' of the site and the cause!! Poor guy, he has to deal with my "obscenities(!)" Having a guy like that hate me so much really makes me feel all the warmer and cozier inside.

Case in point: Rahaman, in an earlier thread, vindictively used the first letter of my last name in a very sick re-creation of the "KKK" acronym - inferring that I was part of some "dynamic trio of infanticide." The acronym - and what it actually represents (a culture I despise) - itself was insulting enough, but brutalizing my family name in such a way was beyond despicable. No deletion on that - and no surprise there. I just shook my head in disgust and chuckled at his hatred and stupidity. Now, he uses my name (including Patrick's and others') again and you, Rachel, say that this stuff is beneath him? Please.

Created By: John Keeney