Response to Set a Date to Pull Out

John, I'm not here defending Zeb or anybody else.  What I was referring to was a racist hate-filled rant that was simply worse than anything I've seen here for a long time.  Replying to it was beneath anyone - Zeb or anyone else.  I can't comment on people's posting styles - there's a lot I've seen from a lot of posters (pro and anti) that I don't like and that I've steered clear of for that reason.  (There's more than one person on this site hurling personal insults around...)  If you feel you've been unfairly insulted then I sympathise and I agree it is wrong.  However I have yet to see Zeb - or any other anti-war contributor - post the out and out racist hatred and extremism of the kind that was deleted above.  Maybe if you'd read the post in question you would understand my response.  I would have told anyone - pro or anti - that responding to facist ranting like that was beneath them.

Created By: Rachel Hicks