An American Ashamed

You guys blow me away.

We (as most Americans) have not been pro-war.  We fought on the streets to keep this war from happening.

It's been painful to watch our country and our relations with other countries fall apart over the last two years.

It's been more than painful to view the abuse pics from Abu Ghraib. And other reports.

As an American in San Francisco (we , of course, think we are sooooo progressive) it's amazing to me to see that you, in Ireland (and the rest of the world) know so much more about what's happening in Irag and the issues surrounding my own country's involvement.  I have found more info on the web from other countries than I have from my own.

This is not an excuse, it's true amazement.

I've spent the last few days surfing the web for info on war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I'm really pissed off.

I told my husband that I want us to take our children and move to the Carribean! (they don't seem to fight very much.)

I'm ashamed of my country, and I don't feel that there's anything I can do to change it.  Will John Kerry do a better job?

Maybe it seems like a no-brainer to others, but we, as Americans as a whole, are not really in a position to change this situation.  Our leaders are in charge (and if you look at the facts of our last presidential election, voting really has nothing to do with it).

I'm disgusted with the men and woman in our military who took the tiniest amount of authority and decided to abuse people with it - really drives home our American arrogance.  And it's interesting that the people who pull this shit couldn't land a job at the neighborhood 7-11 if their lives depended on it.

Anyway, I guess I want you to know - this isn't all of us, just a select few assholes.  Americans, weirdly enough, hold on to all of their far-reaching culture (for instance, I'm second generation American with two Irish grandparents, one French grandparent and one Russian grandparent), and very proud of this.  I would like to say, that I feel that I am a citizen of the world, first, American second.  And as a citizen of the world, appalled at my country's actions.  And though it probably will mean nothing, would like to apologize.  To all.








Created By: jill bloom