Response to MMM - the lying that led to infanticide

Proving A Negative
Jan Baughman


(Swans - February 2, 2004)   To those of us who question the United States' motives for its global war on terrorism and specifically its war on Iraq and the faulty justification therein -- Saddam Hussein's support of terrorism and the imminent threat from his possession of weapons of mass destruction -- the Bush administration's lies and propagandist language are beyond comprehension. Yet the language was introduced September 11, 2001, and has been consistent in its dualistic message and carefully selected, emotionally-charged words ever since. Good/evil, right/wrong, freedom/terror, peace/danger...the American people are asked to make forced choices that by design support aggression. "We must choose between a world of fear, or a world of progress," alternatives presented to us by the president on September 14, 2002, (1) as his anti-Iraq rhetoric escalated in the preparation for Operation Iraqi Freedom. In this New World Order, fear equals inaction equals fear; progress equals war equals progress.

Created By: Zeb Rahaman