Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

As stated above: "And I'm NOT resenting ALL forms of anti-Americanism since some are only wearing a fashionable attitude over a core of reasonable differences." I am attempting to alert people in that categorie who innocently wander into this otherwise shoddy body of "thinking". Example: Because someone is "linked to" by a website, they are consequently representative of that website? That's really smart, but I'd have thought the matter of whether Wretchard himself approved of Free Republic would be indicated by his links to them, and there aren't any. I have a correspondance with Wretchard (though no one knows who he really is) and I know that he would never link to FR. Since the writer (Rolf?) devotes much space to the supposed conjunction between Belmont Club and FR and since it takes a Yank to point out the idiocy of the argument, I think it's fair to question the quality of Rolf's education. Irish school of rote or American school of rounding? Irish I'd think. One thing that it took some time to realize in Ireland was that you're no smarter and no dumber than any other people, so you're finally free to divest yourselves of this self-promoting mythology. I never met anyone in my years in Ireland who knew as much about geography as I do, Ireland being a place where all people of color issue from that catch-all region of who-knows-where called "Nigeria". And for the geographically-challenged, Brennan's "impressions" of America are just that, "impressions" that come to you from the armpit of the middle of nowhere - Albany, New York. There's no comparison to anywhere in Ireland but think of it as a suburb of a small city in the north of England known for being a total dead end. I notice that everything comes down to "bombing" for Brennan. With so many Shinners appearing in the midst of the Irish Anti War stew - yeah, ALL Yanks see that contradiction a lot better than you people do - how do we know that some of these writers don't make their livings fabricating such devices for certain "international organizations"?

Created By: timothy sweete