Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

I love it - now the Irish are a "race" and all who resist their charms are "racists". Too much! As for keeping an eye on people like me that's probably the most intelligent thing I've come across on this website so far. Last night I gave a talk on our tedious subject at a Brooklyn Fire house. I was sorry not to have Mr. Dempsey's book on hand since linking Irish peoples' objectionable behavior with 9/11 seems to electrify a New Yorker's attention. (I notice that everyone here assumes a familiarity with Dempsey's argument even before they've read the book. How interesting.) And will someone please explain why Ireland deserves even one US taxpayer dollar? Really. Enlighten me, versed as I am in the pervasive attitudes of Irish superiority, why Irish hands buried deep in American pockets amounts to more than a scam? And how is it that you can all live with that? (Or is it just a matter of, if people are stupid enough to give their money away ...)

Created By: timothy sweete