Reminder of forum policy

Moderation note:

Below is the site policy:

  • Posts have to be relevant
  • Trolls (i.e. posters who simply want to stir it up) will be barred
  • This is an anti-war site - pro-war posts will be limited in number.
  • No pro-war News Items
  • Relentless posting of the same idea pro or anti will be removed.
  • In general the forum is there to learn and exchange ideas and to make progress - posters who achieve none of these goals should be removed.

    The amount of messages from pro-war posters has got out of hand. This is an anti-war site that has the stated aim of providing a resource to those seeking information on anti-war news items, events, and discussion. While a certain amount of debate is encouraged, we will have a problem when the pro-war posts outnumber the anti-war posts in number and length. We have had to say this from time to time, and we have had to bar those posters who have repeatedly violated the forum policy.

    There are many regular contributors to this site who have been put off from posting because of the sinking of open debate into petty arguments and sniping. The pro-war side has the establishment behind them: the media, the government(s). They do not need to subvert this site as well.

    Going forward, please take note of the forum policy before submitting a post. We must keep the site a resource that maintains the integrity that attracted most of us to it in the first place. By posting, you agree to adhere by the rules. We will remove any future posts that do not comply with these rules.

    Furthermore, please attempt to keep your posts free from language that may be interpretted as racist or is otherwise in bad taste. Such language makes it difficult to defend even anti-war posts. We will have to take action against repeated violations.

    Created By: Mollie Huggins