Response to Radio station asked to 'drop' anti-war advert


While Amnesty is forever bending over backwards to depoliticise its activities, attempting to neutralise issues of human rights and humanitarian interventions - a flawed strategy, in my opinion - it should indeed be interesting to see how BCI responds to the coming advertisements in July for Michael Moore's trenchantly political Farenheit 9/11. If it bans them, then, as with the banning of the IAWM ads for the Vicar Street gig, it will undermine further its credibility as an impartial regulator, adding further substance to accusations of generalised political interference by the present pro-Bush Irish government. On the other hand, if it allows ads for Moore's film, then it will be even clearer that it is specifically targeting anti-war/anti-Bush protest groups from the - advertising - airwaves in the run-up to the Bush shuttle stopover. The BDI is in a double bind ... its spindoctors must be busy.

Created By: Padraig L Henry