Response to latest update on wmd's

Yes - but I still wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a "major discovery" some time around the date of the U.S. election.There's been reports of them being shipped in through Um Qsar for months.This is the second "sarin find" by Polish Occupation Forces - they also found some modern French made weapons around the time of the attempt to get another U.N. resolution rubber stamping the occupation ( this was denied by France then admitted to be old stuff - from the 80s when France/U.S./U.K./U.S.S.R. etc.,etc. were arming Saddam to invade Iran).Seems this is Poland's allotted role in Iraq - I mean look! - it's not Bush's or Blair's boys who found the stuff!.Either that or the Polish regime is over-eager to please it's masters in London and Washington.The New Europe eh?.

  So my policy is - don't believe one word of anything.

Created By: Zeb Rahaman