Response to WMD

Guy, I am anti-war, anti death and destruction, I do not cheer death - any death - that is the first distinction I would make.

Furthermore, when the Iraqi insurgents/freedom fighters...insert your own description... drive a car/truck packed with expolsives into a crowd of Iraqis I do not leap to pile all the blame on the Americans. 

Now lets not back track, you said you basically want the US to get a very bloody nose so that theyll go back to were they came from and not think about invading anyone again - is that a fair enough paraphrase?  If so that is pro-war, pro death and destruction.  Dress it up any way you want...they started it, they lied, they made their own bed  - you are calling for war, death and destruction...

please DO NOT DO IT IN THE ANTIWAR NAME or is that the general feeling of this website? 


Created By: ciaran lowe