Response to efficent anti war policies

Those are the people we have to dislodge from power if we want to create a more human and loving world .

Sergio, i think you answered the question with the sentence above. To be most effective we have to be organised.  Into for example the IAWM which through demonstrations and local anti-war groups across the country and the world has put huge pressure on the warmongers and their ability to wage war for profit. For me it's not just about dislodging those in power as you said but about being involved in creating a movement that can do just that. To get there organisation is key. The reason why the war was not stopped was because the anti-war movement was not rooted in every place of work, place of learning (school, college etc) and had an argument of such power that everyone agreed. For that takes time and that is exactly what the IAWM is doing. Building a broad anti-war coalition of diverse views so we can get to the point where we all agree on what is to be done. We are anti-war that is the starting point from there the debate can begin. As long as the debates are done in a spirit of respect then the our goal is easier to achieve. To me you seem to be suggesting we need a revolution, which if this is so i agree with. To get there takes time, patience, ups and downs are part of this but it will be worth it so that peace is a permanent feature of life on planet earth.  


Created By: Alan Kinsella