Response to Michael Moore's new film - Fahrenheit 9/11

i dont think you're missing that much anyway Dayann, i didn't think F911 was very informative or thought provoking. Moore is just interested in associating Bush with as many rich shady arabs, dirty money, vacations, stupid soundbytes, and influential old friends as possible and hoping that some of the mud sticks. i was left thinking Moore is telling us we're killing the wrong arabs, rather than asking if we should be killing anyone at all. It's character assasination against Bush rather than a real exploration of the reasons and implications of 9/11 and the subsequent war on islam. Moore attacks the unpopular (but probably innocent) Bin laden family because it's easier to attack arabs than the rich and powerful pro-israelis in washington who are the most ardent supporters of violent confrontation with islam throughout the middle east....people like joe lieberman, richard perle, wolfowitz, elliot abrams, david frum, etc. Many of the reasons for terrorism aren't explored, like US involvment with Israel, guantanamo bay, propping up unpopular governments in the middle east, and Al Queda itself isn't explored at all to ask if they're really the threat to Americans freedoms that Bush would like us to think. The arguments for the war on iraq aren't tackled, and the american publics perception that saddam hussein and Al Queda are on the same side isn't tackled, nor is the build-up to the iraq war shown for the circus it was - the dodgy dossier, uranium from niger, bribing UN security council members, or ignoring weapons inspectors findings. Im sure the american public are ready for such a documentary but definitely not the american media. The biggest problem with the film is that there just isn't enough time to deal with all the issues!

Created By: Guy Incognito