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You wanted to know where the mass graves were.  Ask a black citizen in the U.S. -- there have been mass graves due to lynchings, the burning of towns full of Free Blacks for no reason other than they were doing too well for themselves, there are civil rights workers of all colors who were brutally murdered.  When you are done with that, speak to a Native American in the U.S. about the Trail of Tears and the slaughters of entire groups of Native Americans, and about how once their bodies were dumped in big pits, the graves were robbed, too.  When you are done with that, look up the "School of the Americas", an intelligence and military training school which is responsible for training the death camp soldiers who were practicing torture techniques against so-called "communists" (peasants asking for a standard minimum wage and a bathroom break) in Latin America.  The "disappeared", the concentration camps, and the mass graves under the fascist regimes in Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia and other Latin American countries are the direct result of U.S. intelligence "training" of military groups and U.S.-friendly despotic regimes in Latin America in the 1970's and 1980's.   When you are done with that, you can go to California and ask about the Japanese Nisei, and ask to see the concentration camps that the U.S. government set up for Japenese-Americans during WWII.;read=1760

"Afghan Massacre",1361,583254,00.html

"The United States"

U.S. concentration camps

Every country does have a dark side but just because "everyone does it or did it at some point in history" does not make it right.

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