Please please let this be an end to it :-)

Hi Frank,


Just to clarify


The claims posted on Indymedia in relation to me were not critiques of my performance. They were the by-products of an overall pointless bitch about the movement and a million miles away from the basic principle of democratic organising you refer to. & I think you are kind of missing my point when I highlight the personal slights as an overall issue. Im not personalising the sideswiping, its the fact that any sensible debate gets completely erased by the micro arguments. I completely disagree that engaging in petty debate would be strategically a good move. I believe being active in a cause you believe in is both positive & strategically the way forward. I totally acknowledge the need for discussion and debate within & between all groups, you are absolutely right but I believe this only truly makes sense if you start off from the premise that we are seeking a collective way forward rather than fighting amongst ourselves.


I have not in any of my posts attacked Indymedia, I have criticised the postings. You regularly see posts on Indymedia calling for sensible debate and to stop the bitching when a thread goes into bitch fest hyper drive.


You are right that the IM site is an important tool for the left and I have no doubt your contemporaries use it regularly. I myself check in every couple of days to check out the articles and events. Your comment re the SWP/SP and trade union bureaucrats is not really correct or to be honest helpful to the overall debate. Anyway the fact is the SWP/SP regularly contribute to the site with news, events and comments. I would also argue that whilst Indymedia plays an important role in the movements and overall left debate, it is still simply a tool for change. The change itself, I believe, comes from the actions of people like you and I working together to a common goal. Which brings me to my conclusion (thank goodness I hear you cry, you thought this one was going to go on forever, yes?).

I can only assume that you like myself are against war. Im guessing that you too want an end to racism and want to see equality in all aspects of life both locally & globally. If that is the case then why do any of us spend so much time bad mouthing other groups/campaigns/individuals within the left who are also working towards that same change? If for example we truly want to bring an end to our Governments collusion in the slaughter of 1,000s of Iraqi people during an illegal occupation whilst their wealth and natural resources are being stolen from them surely the nature of this thread does just not make sense. All of us collectively are part of a vibrant global anti war movement. In Ireland I believe there needs to be a generosity of spirit and solidarity extended to and by all groups working within the movements. We need to be internationalist in our vision of the different world we want and avoid the pitfalls of the micro left debate that ultimately leaves us stranded in a muddy sea of indifference.

One of the things I fear when engaging in discussion board discussion is that the thread will never end. So, without wanting to appear obstructive this will defo be my last input on this one.

But thanks for the posting and apologies for the long-winded response.










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