Response to Kerry or Bush or???

Dear Kevin,

It is the unfortunate by-product of our primary system that effectively silences the diverse voices to be found in both major parties.  Actually, there could easily be 4  or more parties from the Democrats and Republicans.  How the religious right and neo-conservatives gained control of the Republican party is a tragic story in itself.  Part of the reason this will not happen with progressives in the Democratic party is because of the nature of progressives' mindsets.  If you stand for civil liberty, social responsibility, diplomacy and cooperation over war, racial equality, religous freedom, choice, etc. you are not going to use the tactics that the far-right have used.  A coup is unlikely.  What will happen is the continued consolidation of power within the Democratic party by special interest groups and party leaders.  Dean was just a fluke.  (Take a look at Kucinich to see how real progressives are treated within the party and the press.)

I won't send any money to DFA as I am still waiting for an accounting of what the Dean for America group did with all that money in Iowa during the Dean campaign.

I applaud your efforts to work within the Democratic party to give more voice to the progressive cause. It is worthwhile endeavour; but in my view, at this time, it will not work because the real trend is a continued movement towards the center (which because of the Republicans continued move to the Right is shifting ever away from progressive politics.)

That is why I am looking elsewhere.  The Greens are grass-roots and linked to an international party.  The name is unfortunate (how far would the democrats or republicans get if they were the "red" or "blue" party?) but the issues are more in-line with my own concerns and they are very active here in Iowa and Nebraska.

Created By: Gary Nihsen