Suggestion for a demonstration

Although I know that John Kerry isnt exactly the first choice of many in the IAWM (including myself), he's a damn sight better than George Dubya, and he has been the most liberal voter in the Senate for some time. That is in part why on the day after the U.S. presidential election we should in the case of John Kerry winning hold a half celebration half demonstration. Celebrating the choice of the America people to get rid of Dubya, but showing we will not give free reign to the U.S. just because there is a Democrat in power. In the case of Dubya being re-elected, we should hold a demo to show our distaste for the choice of President and his policies of his last term.

What do others think of this idea? There is mass interest in this election in Ireland and I believe this will help keep the anti-war movements spirit going through the cold winter months.

Created By: Oisin Dolan