Human Rights Watch condemns Israel


Human Rights Watch today published a report condemning Israel for its illegal demolition of 2,500 homes in the occupied territory of Gaza.


"The Israeli armed forces have illegally razed thousands of homes, regardless of military necessity, to clear Palestinians from the Gaza-Egypt border and create a 'buffer zone.' The Israeli government is calling for the destruction of hundreds more homes to widen the zone as part of a plan to 'disengage' from the territory."




Photo slideshow of demolitions and aftermath:

"As satellite images in this report show, most of the destruction in Rafah occurred along the Israeli-controlled border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. During regular nighttime raids and with little or no warning, Israeli forces used armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozers to raze blocks of homes at the edge of the camp, incrementally expanding a “buffer zone” that is currently up to three hundred meters wide. The pattern of destruction strongly suggests that Israeli forces demolished homes wholesale, regardless of whether they posed a specific threat, in violation of international law. In most of the cases Human Rights Watch found the destruction was carried out in the absence of military necessity."


Satellite images:


"Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) have nowhere to turn in Israel for legal protection against unlawful demolitions and forced evictions. The IDF, the Supreme Court, and the Knesset have all played a role in denying effective remedies.
The Israeli Supreme Court has consistently sanctioned IDF policies that violate international law, including house demolitions aimed at collectively punishing families of militants and those destroyed to make way for the illegal “separation barrier” under construction inside the occupied West Bank.27 And under Israeli law, compensation is ruled out in cases of “combat activity,” which the Knesset amended in 2002 with an expansive definition that includes virtually every IDF action in the OPT."


Obviously, this HRW report will be water off a duck's back to the Israeli government, which has been condemned on numerous occasions for its gross human rights abuses by the UN, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch and every other major civil rights and humanitarian organisation in the world.


The HRW report provides further evidence, if any were needed, that Israel is engaged in a long-term ethnic cleansing and land-grabbing campaign, and that its military actions have less to do with "security" than with gaining more control in the region and seeking to eradicate, by degrees, the Palestinian people.


These demolitions are backed by the US government and paid for with US tax dollars.


Created By: Zak Martin