Response to Kerry or Bush or???

Many people on this thread have said that the american people have no other choice but to vote for kerry. This is nonsense, the US left should back Nader! While Chomsky is backing kerry he is also backing Nader in safe or swing states he should have more sense than this. Also backing kerry is Moore and Klein as part of the "Anybody but bush" campaign, a grouping which would include Hitler.

You only have to look at John Kerry's track record to see that he is no choice at all. He has voted in favour of Israel every chance he has gotten because he is infact jewish (if not zionist) and would move to israel at the first chance were he not a member of the senate. He like GW Bush will deploy more troops to Iraq. While Nader is the only candidate advocating an end to the US occupation of Iraq, $10 minimum wage, an end to HMO's (Health managment Organisations) and full public funding of elections.The bottom line is this George W Bush and John Kerry have little that will divide. Bush will contine his war on iraq with the " look at me, I mean business" strategy while kerry will wander in with the same tactics that have used by the democratic party from the time of JFK right up to Bill Clinton where they silently attack, murder and kill to get what the oil industry and big busieness ask them to. On the other hand you have Ralph Nader who has delivered to the environmentalist in the past with the creation of the EPA (Environment protection agency) and can only assume that he will continue to deliver, should the american people throw out the "now your in, now your out" game that the democrats and republicans have been play with the US electorate for the last 200 years.

Created By: Declan Gallagher