Response to We can't pull out.

Dear Devon,

As a fellow American and frequent visitor to this site, I wanted to welcome you and your views.  I do disagree with you.  The adage, "you break it, you fix it" that has been attributed to Powell, comes to mind.  It may be pointless to continue to debate the merits of beginning this war.  You do not do so and argue only that to leave at this point would be to be irresponsible, dishonarable, and perhaps foolhardy and short-sighted.  I think I understand the sentiment behind your claims.  Granting you have good intentions I would question your assertion that more Iraqi lives will be lost if the US leaves then if they stay.  If 100,000 innocents have perished as a result of the war and occupation, what evidence do you have that the continued occupation and fighting will bring peace.  The trend is moving towards more violence not less.  We "broke it" for whatever reason (most proven false at this point) but I doubt the ability of the US military to "fix it".  In actuality, it appears that we continue to do more "breaking" under the auspices of "fixing".  All the King's horses and all the King's men...

Something needs to happen, yes. But the solution will not be an active military one.

I hope this finds you well and hope you will have the opportunity to return home soon.

Created By: Gary Nihsen