Response to We can't pull out.

a dark day indeed, and a dark 4 years ahead. the catholic church have done Kerry a great injustice by publicly backing Bush because he is supposedly pro-life on abortion yet the church don't care about his pro-death record in iraq. At least Bush can't dump the iraq mess on Kerry now, and his chaotic and brutal policies there will ensure his defeat. Unfortunately he's going to order fallujah flattened and thousands more people killed because he doesn't have to worry about ratings. As the guardian said yesterday the election was fought on 'god, guns, and gays' by the republican party and that plays nicely for middle america who don't need to accept facts, when your guy has god on his side that's all there is to it. Groups like moveon, michael moore and the anti-war movement have only just begun their task of educating middle america about concepts like compassion, cooperation, government lies and social justice. the battle might have been lost but the war goes on or else another Bush will follow this one.

Created By: Guy Incognito