Response to Its all been said before but.......

I still cannot believe the election result.I honestly still cannot believe it.

I can see why Germans and other European countries fell for Fascism in the 1930s-the people were mostly given a booming economy after years of depression, new cars, new roads etc restoring the battered pride.

What has Bush given the people of America ?

If you analyse his term-the only positives I see is capturing Saddam Hussein.The- keeping the terrorists over there- positive does not really work considering Bush was President when 911 happened.

On everything else-he is a failure.The economy, health, environment, civil liberties, human rights abuses, war crimes, 4,500 dead Americans as a result of war and/or terrorism on his watch. ...Even on the economy.Ohio of all places has a poor economy.Okay-lets vote for Bush!

I have never seen a political candidate with so much mud that could have been thrown at him.I was sure Bushs lack of Military Service would lose him alot of votes amongst the hawks-but no Kerrys record was attacked viciously with lies after lies.

Alot of people voted not on the last four years but on what might happen.

The gays might be able to get married, abortion might be legal, they might take our guns away, more terrorist attacks might happen-especially if someone as-weak- as Kerry became our leader.One pro-Bush commerical showed terrorists as roaming savage dogs rampaging through a forest (the heart of America).

And let's remember that the Democrats are a right wing party here and Kerry is pro-Corporate and pro-war, that is how serious the situation in the US has become.

Bush won on possible future worse case scenarios.I know four people who voted for Bush-good friends too.One is a doctor and he did not want healthcare too be nationalised thus affecting his future income earnings! Another which I have heard elsewhere is that Bush deserves a second term to finish his Presidency and we should only judge him after that.Another is that Iraq was behind 911...another is the dreaded-stayhome-Mum voter who ignoring the abuses at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib,

breaking international law, 100,000 dead Iraqis, the lies in the State of the Union speech -no let's vote Bush for stem cell research ! Yipee!!

Those Nancy Reagan tears really hit home.Totally and utterly amazing.Stem cell research was a huge vote winner.

As one bumper sticker says-how can I trust you when you voted for Bush ?

This is what is happening now.You have an American who is totally depressed and frightened about the current state of the US and about what another four years of Bush will bring-who is becoming more isolated and even considering emigrating.And then you have his neighbour who sees nothing is wrong and Bush is the man.

I have never seen such varying opinions in my life.The US is so polarized it is impossible to describe.And yet how can I be friends with these Bush people or are either evil or plain ignorant ?

One guy- I asked why he likes Dubya and he said the US is on top of the food chain and we have to take no shit-that is how Reagan got the Iranian hostages back because they Iranians knew they were gonna get it in the ass.We have to scare these people and use force if necessary.Too much Sopranos.

The media is to blame of course to an extent.You can see that with the Abu Ghraib scandal.It is analysed to death on the 24/7 news stations to such an effect that the initial story and outrage is lost.Yet the media is not that right wing-go to any bookstore and you can instantly find anti-Bush or anti-American empire books.The alternative media is quite big.Even John Negroponte's past is quite mainstream and the PNAC.

What I have trouble with is a strong Christian church going population voting for a man like Bush on moral issues.I don't think I will ever get over that.


Created By: David Brennan