Response to Terror in America - Bush is a Catastrophic Failure

Target: US Protesters

Boston: On Thursday, November 4, the Boston Area Faculty Group on Public Issues, the National Lawyers Guild and the Save Our Civil Liberties (SOCL) Campaign issued a public demand for an immediate moratorium on police use of so-called "non-lethal" and "less-lethal" weapons.

Tucson: Police made it a point to harass and repress an energetic but peaceful march on November 3. Cops immediately targeted known activists, including Keith McHenry, founder of Food Not Bombs, who was singled out and arrested within the first 15 minutes of the march. Tucson Police Department (TPD) indiscriminately used a new weapon – an air rifle that fires small paint-ball style bullets filled with CS gas – against marchers. Although TPD claims to have only fired four pepper balls, more than four welts have been documented.

Miami: During the November 2003 FTAA protests, less lethal weapons were used entensively to disperse peaceful crowds, including their use on unsuspecting journalists, local citizens and people silently praying. Street medics treated over 100 injuries including at least five serious head wounds caused by police firing projectiles to the head - the same scenario that resulted in the death of Snelgrove.

Oakland: Less-lethal projectiles were also deployed and used during the April 2003 Oakland Port protests when police open fired on peaceful protestors, longshoremen, legal observors, and journalists with rubber and wooden projectiles. Several dozen people were injured, including some who were permanently maimed by the bullets.

Oregon: Recently, police used pepperball projectiles to disperse an anti-Bush crowd in tiny Jacksonville, Oregon when other alternatives were available.

Created By: Deb Nelson