Response to So when ru guys planning to protest at the lack of western action in Dharfour?

Hey, Niall,

I just posted an interesting article I found. It's interesting because it indicates things are far from as black-and-white Manichaic as the Americans like things, and a disturbingly increasing number of Europeans.

At least that's how they like things presented when it suits their agenda. Though I'm not a great fan of NGOs, as in very many cases it should be written: "N"GOs, Medecins Sans Frontieres have a long and as far as I know distinguished history - they're not just some fly-by-night created by George Soros to undermine elections in his target country du jour -  Ukraine, Georgia, Yugoslavia, or some other actions on behalf of US foreign policy.

Hence, I'd trust Medecins Sans Frontieres long experience much more than the "fly-by-nights", and certainly over any utterances by Colon Bowell, or any of the other proven liars in the US foreign policy adminstration.

Given that, just WHAT is there to protest about? Nothing at all, if MSF are correct about the Sudanese authorities cooperating with relief efforts as described in the article. This is in spite of the existence of a real insurgency (as opposed to the fake 'insurgency' in Iraq, which is a real resistance); a real insurgency that I would be amazed wasn't tied back to the CIA/US foreign policy administration.

From past history, people should get ready to protest when the West THREATENS action - 'cos you can bet a penny to a pound, if the trend is maintained, that the reasons given to their own sheople for that action bear little resemblance to the truth, or their real motives.

Sudan has at least a little oil, doesn't it?


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