Response to So when ru guys planning to protest at the lack of western action in Dharfour?


Guy I have to just correct you for a minute about your yahoo-ing and hee hawing.  You are confusing the George Dubya Bush agenda with the agenda and outlook of the American people as a whole, ignoring the antiwar effort in the United States. 

Also if you look at history, no offense, but a lot of those hee hawing country music crooning people you are mocking are of Irish and Scots Irish descent.  Where'd they get their twisted stuff from?  I am baffled by the difference a lot of times between folks I meet who are direct from Ireland and those who are even just second generation Irish American.  Seems to me there needs to be some bridge building the other way around too.

Finally I would like to mention that the Rev. Jesse Jackson has left the U.S. several times to visit the Darfur region of the Sudan and reported back to whoever would listen here in the U.S.  Members of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and other civil and human rights groups have been outspoken and vehement on the issue of the genocide in Sudan for YEARS -- long before even the international media was bothering to even give Sudan more than a blurb in their press.  I have also recently learned that American members of the Save the Children Foundation (a religious humanitarian organization that I believe is based in the United States and has donors who come from the very areas of the U.S. known to be full of the very Bible thumping, hee hawing people you mock) had to pull out of Darfur after years of working with the people there because the negative element in Sudan KILLED 4 of their workers.

I have suggested and have heard others suggest to government and I even suggested to a soldier in this very forum that if we were about humanitarian efforts we should have gone to Darfur before Iraq.  And my understanding is that few are asking for military force in the form of occupation -- but perhaps security and nonviolent intervention to end the genocide there. 

I am against the agenda of the current U.S. "Administration" when it comes to Iraq and many other places but I will be damned if after hollering so hard and going to so many marches and seeing so many people beat up by cops or having their civil rights stripped away due to their support of this antiwar movement if anyone in any forum is going to lump all of us Americans as a bunch of drunken, flag waving, gun toting, ignoramus cowboys.  Not without my saying something to refute it.

When you make all Americans into two dimensional caricatures and ignore those of us who are willing to stand with you, you mess up your own efforts to get the word out of how these issues effect Ireland and also you mess up chances of a truly unified international movement against the current policies and practices in Iraq and abroad.

Now I'm going back to what I was initially doing on the web --- being a "nonstingy" American who is picking various places to send money to, to help all those precious little children in Southeast Asia (and Iraq) who are orphaned due not only to war and natural disaster but also due to people's misguided belief that there are some lives on this earth considerably and inherently less valuable than others.

Created By: Dayann Molina-McDonough