Response to New Version of "Mosh" by Eminem

Some links to back up my opinions:

Grammy censorship

Censorship of the antiwar movement by MTV (this is an internal memo evidencing a deliberate policy of keeping antiwar statements off the air):

Artists in the US have been vocal from day one of this conflict against the current administration's actions in Iraq.  However, they are also being censored to the point where your albums are not going to get played, your songs will not get airtime on the radio, and your videos won't get played (and if they do, at a time when few are watching) if you continue to have strong antiwar or antiBush messages or images in your artwork/music/poetry etc.

More information re: Eminem's "Mosh" video.  Remember that eminem is not the sole representative of the U.S. hip hop movement == a lot of other artists/rappers have been making antiwar raps for ages, Eminem is only part of a continued history of protest lyrics in U.S. urban music.  I can cite examples but I'd have to write you a book to get them all up here.

What I noted about one of the below articles was that "Mosh" made it to No. 1 on video requests in only 24 hours and that the youth were running to the stores to buy the black hoodies in response to the images in the video.  If this is not an indication of overwhelming support on the part of U.S. urban youth for the messages being espoused, I don't know what is.  I don't think it is just a riff or a sample, these kids are not as stupid as people portray them to be (I know because I live among them).  This support of the video was from my observation a response to a political statement and that is why the networks are going through all this trouble to give less (or no) airtime to antiwar music and art.

Governments only silence those they fear to be a threat.  I hope artists continue to let the other noncompliant voices in the U.S. be heard internationally.




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