Response to George Galloway

I don't think I'd con a charity, and maybe its my American opportunism/capitalism surfacing here, but if somebody wanted to pay me millions of dollars to say what I'd say anyway against this regime and this war, hell! let me go right ahead and give 'em my bankroll number.

seriously though it is pretty heinous to mess with humanitarian groups, etc., but just cause someone gets paid to do antiwar work doesn't make them a slimeball. 

the media/powers that be will paint the antiwar movement in as negative a light as possible regardless of George Galloway, they'd find a way to do it even if Galloway never behaved wrongfully.  anything to discredit an opponent.  it must mean that the work the antiwar people are doing is scary and might work.  otherwise the spin doctors wouldn't have to try so hard to dig a few bad apples up, etc.

Created By: Dayann Molina-McDonough