Response to Good News Regarding Upcoming "Coronation Day"

Hundreds of anti-war protesters, some carrying coffin-like cardboard boxes to signify the deaths of U.S. troops in Iraq, stood along the parade route. They jeered and shook their fists as Bush rode past. "Worst president ever," one sign said. Another read: "Guilty of war crimes."

Rows of law enforcement officers stood between the protesters and the parade, and Bush's motorcade sped up as it passed the demonstration area. The president and his wife, Laura, got out of the car to walk the last two blocks to the White House.   ASSOCIATED PRESS (1/20/05)


note: In his speech, the Commander-in-Chief did not mention Iraq, the War on Terror, or those once ubiquitous, frightening, and now fugitive, WMDs.

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson