Response to Greetings from occupied America

The United States is a broad based nation with oppourtunity for all races, nationalities.  The are very reluctant to go to war.  It is only when it is thrust upon them strongly they move forward.  While women voting has only be allowed since 1920, they have realized how critical this is to the entire world for real freedom.  The great elections in Moslem world recently with women having full rights to vote, and even demanding that women have 24% of the congress is a magnificant move toward freedome for all.  Isreal women have great freedom, as much as any man.  They even fight with their men.  Those who are fighting the United States forces are primarily the ones who oppose women's rights, and cosequently have friends in foreign countries who worry about the same rights for all.  We just have to forgive these anti-women people.   

Created By: Gerald monks