Response to An American Ashamed

It is wonderful that people can leave United States when they so desire.  I urge them to do so if not happy.  For every person leaving the United States there are 20 trying to get in.  Many of these are the well educated.  The last election completely eliminated for all practical purposes the left wing liberals and put Bush in full command.  I served with some excellent Puerto Rico Officers and men in the service.  They were very happy and contented with their position.  They realize they get to elect freely more people to office than Ireland does.  The United States is certainly not interested in accepting people who don't want to come, obey the law and be good citizens.   It is not a free lunch country!  The men and women are happy to fight for the rights of women to vote, and for countries to set up a democracy where all have equal rights.  The failing UN which many countries are supporting who have caused many to die in Rwanda, and the Congo is in real trouble that I hope they can recover from in proper shape to help the world.  Here is where the Anti war group should put their efforts.  i wish good luck to all of those who leave the United States.  They will not be missed.

Created By: Gerald monks