Response to An American Ashamed

Well Jill-only a few days after the election the Fallujah massacre took place.We don't know how many civilians died-but at least 2,000 civilians were caught up in this assault by US forces.And the so-called terrorists in jeans and trainers were no match for the US monster who showed no mercy.A joke of an election took place as the insistence not of the US but as the insistence of the Cleric Sistani.The US wanted a consortium to run Iraq not elections.Most sunnis boycotted and when the Shia find out what limitless powers they have well who is to say they will not join the insurgency.

Meanwhile the drums have began to be beaten over invading Syria and Iran.

Gary-the Iraq will be like Germany- model is always used by those pro-war.Germany was probably the most advanced country in the world in 1939 and Berlin the greatest city.Germany had a model of its own to fall back on -a culture and religion similar to the US and its people were sick to death of war with their country totally destroyed by the nazis.Plus it is questionable as to whether such investment would have been forthcoming if it was not on the USSR front.

Iraq is an entirely different proposition and it is very naive and arrogant to suggest a Western style model can be forced on a country and area with thousands of years of culture, civilization and Muslim religion.We shall see...

For every Germany there is Columbia, Brazil, Guatamala, Honduras, El Salavador, Liberia, Haiti, Dominican Republic and others that have not benifited from Americna intervention.

I honestly think it is only going to get worse for the US...and while the US is bankrolling Iraq and occupied by Iran and Syria China will become the superpower.


Created By: David Brennan