Response to Danish soldier dies ??

"Yesterday a Danish soldier died in Iraq. Now I've been following this war and I did not even know Denmark were in this.How does the EU feel about this ? Is there somewhere where I can find out what countries have troops in Iraq. Poland sent troops without telling their people(a country that is desperate to be the US's best buddy). Japan will send engineers and the Ukraine have troops there-God only knows why. The UK has troops deployed of course. Anybody else ? It just goes to show how in the dark we really are." HI BRENNAN, regarding your first post: - if you didn't know Denmark was involved in Iraq, what else don't you know? - if you've been "following this war", what on earth are you reading? the socialist worker? - if you really WANT information, it's all out there, easily accessible. After all, this is not a dictatorship. We're lucky to live in the West - use your opportunity given! - if you have any more questions on Iraq I'll try to answer you, I've been to that country twice. Best wishes, for you & Iraq, Chris

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius