Response to Reports that US plan Iran attack for summer

It is interesting to see the response to Cohen’s reminder that it might - just might - be time to condemn the latest round of IRA killings. So how does this website, dedicated to peace and anti-war, respond to this reminder? Brennan replies with one sentance, “I condemn the IRA for the latest murder and killings.” The good Dr starts off in a similar fashion too, though his first sentence soon degenerates into belitteling the outrage (“brawl outside a pub”) and then excusing the IRA (“members have been already expelled”), before the whole thing veers off course into conspiracy theories. Basically everything is fine then? Time to go on praising the IRA and hating Bush, as usual? If you’re Brennan or the Dr, sure. If you actually are against senseless violence and murder, not quite. For a start, the IRA only gave up (you can call it “betrayed”) three members, but it of course knows the identity of all 13 or 14 IRA people in the pub at the time. If the IRA wanted the case solved, or indeed bring peace to the North, it could do so tomorrow. We’re waiting........ for IRA members, and some members on this website, to come to their senses. A few things, Dr: (1) “the Easter statement stated forthright that this was wrong” (Indeed, it even offered to kill some more people. What does a peace activist think about that?) (2) “no organic connection between SF and IRA” (according to Bertie’s information, Gerry Adams & Martin MacGuiness are both on the IRA “Army Council”. Pieces of shit look very organic to me.) LASTLY: The good Dr is fond of displaying his knowledge (and title) in quotes, like “history teaches slowly” and “there is nothing more frightening than active ignorance” (Goethe). I will recommend him another: “If a man is a gentleman, he knows quite enough. And if he is not, whatever he knows is bad for him.” (Wilde)

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius