The London Bombings

London became a prime target for attack when the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, gave the order for British military forces to attack and invade Iraq, a country which posed no threat to Britain. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians were killed, many in night-time indiscriminate bombing raids on populated areas by the British Air Force. Thousands of Iraqi men, women and terrified children were blown up in their beds in the first days, weeks and months of the invasion by British forces.

The British people - and members of the Labour Party - were persuaded by the Prime Minister to support the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction - including nuclear weapons - which it was preparing to use against Britain. To those who expressed doubts about the existence of these weapons, the PM gave his personal assurance that he had seen evidence which, "for reasons of security", he could not divulge to the public. "Trust me," he said, "I know these weapons exist. I have seen conclusive evidence".

We now know that not only did these weapons not exist, but that the PM knew full well that they did not exist, and that the decision to attack Iraq had been taken months earlier in discussions with the US president, George W Bush. The PM blatantly lied to and deceived the British public - and members of his own party - in order to gain support for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

The decision to invade Iraq was always going to have serious consequences for the British people. One cannot expect to illegally invade a country and murder thousands of civilians without becoming the target for some form of retaliation.

The individuals who carried out the attacks in London yesterday are vicious fanatics who are almost certainly afflicted with that most insidious of psychiatric disorders, religious insanity. No doubt they are convinced that they were justified in blowing up scores of Londoners in the name of their god. Just as the British Prime Minister - evidently afflicted with that same psychosis and the conviction of self-righteousness that is its primary symptom - believes he was justified in authorising the slaughter of thousands of innocent Iraqis in the cause of some greater good.

The individuals who carried out yesterday's bomb attacks must be hunted down and made to pay for their crimes. However, the ultimate responsibility for yesterday's attacks must lie with the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who - through a combination of recklessness, poor judgement, lies, deception and arrogant self-righteousness - implicated the British people in an immoral and illegal war that was certain to have disastrous consequences for them - and, indeed, for the whole world.

People who deliberately attack innocent civilians in pursuit of their own agenda - whether they are Islamic militants planting bombs on London trains or political leaders ordering bombing raids on populated areas of Baghdad - are criminals who deserve nothing less than our outright ondemnation and contempt.

Zak Martin

Granada, Spain.

Created By: Zak Martin