Reasons to be cheerful

The movement against the war on Iraq started on an unprecedented high with
tens of millions worldwide taking part in protests,but in the last couple of
years has had lulls in activity,and sometimes activists have felt

it is possible on February 15th that people thought this was
their big chance stop the war,that those in power couldn't ignore all those
people-and many were very disappointed when the war went ahead.
Apart from the fact that lulls and ups and downs are a normal feature of
mass movements-like the campaign against the war in vietnam(which won),I
think the movement has more to be cheerful about than some think.

I don't think the wider consequences of what anti-war activists have done
has been taken into account.In the last week I attended a socialist
and anti-war conference in London,at which some Egyptian activists spoke
about their struggle against the dictatorship in their country.

One young woman said that the people of Egypt got courage from seeing
"western" or "european" people out in the streets protesting,that it gave
them the courage to fight back in their own country,and she thanked people
for having protested.So,there is a 'domino effect' happening due to
resistance here and elsewhere,and I think it's a big deal;that's the whole
point of demonstrating,in my opinion.

In Iraq, if the occupiers weren't so preoccupied with the insurgency,which
was also given confidence by protests against the war, Iran and Syria may
have been attacked long ago, and at the same time,the number of disserting
u.s. soldiers is rising. They are also starting to attack their own officers.
The movement's growing in the U.S.

I think that the anti-war movement should continue to inform people of the
positive developements,and emphasise the less obvious effects of peoples'
actions. It can be easy for the mood to be dominated by the pessimism that
media blackouts and propaganda are designed to precipitate.
Also,the tragic events in London gives the movement a task to help defend
the Muslim people being victimised for a reaction to Bush and Blair's
war-crimes,and to make sure the public are aware of our own government's
part in all this,by paying the U.S. E3.7million of taxpayers money to use
Shannon like a military base.

I hope everyone who wants their say about the movement goes to the agm on