Pit Stop Ploughshares Call for October 24th Trial Solidarity

Pit Stop Ploughshares Head to Oct. 24th Trial- Update & Call for Solidarity! by Pit Stop Ploughshares Defence Group www.peaceontrial.com ploughsharesireland@yahoo.ie Mobile: 087 9638398 Before the illegal invasion & bombing of Iraq, five members of the pacifist Catholic Worker movement made their way into Shannon Airport and non-violently disarmed a U.S. navy war plane in the early hours of February 3rd. 2003. The Pit Stop Ploughshares Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Ciaron O'Reilly & Damien Moran spent 4 to 11 weeks in Limerick Prison. They went to trial in March 2005 on two counts of Criminal Damage - €100 and $2.5 million. Penalties if convicted carry a maximum of ten years imprisonment. The week of trial saw 80 international & numerous Irish anti-war activists converge on Dublin. It was a week of public witness against the war, evenings of celebration of the disarmament and public meetings concerning ongoing Irish involvement in the war on Iraq. The March trial collapsed on 6th. day when the Judge called a mistrial, dismissed the jury and instructed the media not to report on the reasons for a mistrial. Nuin & Karen have been allowed to leave the country to return a month before trial. Deirdre, Ciaron & Damien are required to sign on weekly, all are banned from a 5 mile radius of Shannon Airport. The Pit Stop Ploughshares 5 return to trial at Dublin's Four Courts on Monday October 24th. The trial is likely to run for over a week. Pit Stop Ploughshares hope to run a series of events running up to and around the trial. They need your help. Please make contact. CONTENTS 1. Peace on Trial DVD 2. Accommodation Oct.24th. trial Dublin 3. August 6th. Hiroshima Day Peace Vigil 4. Dublin Ploughshares Benefit Gigs 5. Regional Ploughshares Benefit Gigs 6. Monday Anti-War Vigils 7. Sunday Evenings Open House at the Catholic Worker 8. Defendants Available for Public Meetings, Speaking at Schools, Churches & Community Groups 9. Solidarity Vigils at Irish Embassies, Consuls & Sites of Significance 10. Donations to "Ploughshares Defence Fund" ******************************************** 1. "Peace on Trial" (35 minute DVD/Video on Pit Stop Ploughshares March Trial) Now Available! The Pit Stop Ploughshares went to trial in Dublin, Ireland during March 2005 charged with $2.5 million "Criminal Damage" to a U.S. Navy War Plane at Shannon Airport(see www.peaceontrial.com). The plane was en route to the invasion of Iraq. Following the disarmament it turned around and headed back to Texas. The 35 minute DVD/video covers the week of the trial as peace activists converged on Dublin from around Ireland, the U.S. & Europe. The DVD/video features the Pit Stop Ploughshares 5, U.S. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Iraq Veteran Kelly Dougherty, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire, former U.N. Assitant Secretary General Dennis Halliday and "Voices in the Wilderness" founder Kathy Kelly. The video also contains file footage interviews with Dorothy Day and Fr. Daniel Berrigan SJ. The "Peace on Trial" video is an excellent resource for schools, universities and community groups. PRICE €10 in Ireland (covers postage) 10 pounds in Britain (covers postage) $20 in Australia (covers postage) $15 in USA (covers postage) *If in U.S. designate whether you need PAL or NTSC Format. Make cheques to "Ploughshares Defence Fund" 518 South Circular Rd. Rialto Dublin 8 IRELAND 2. ARE YOU PLANNING TO ATTEND THE OCT 24TH. TRIAL If you are planning to attend the trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin starting October 24th.(will probably last 2 weeks). Please make contact with ploughsharesireland@yahoo.ie Initial indications of "possible" or "definite" at this stage in relation to attendance would help us organise. Make it clear if you are in need of accommodation, we will do our best to accommodate! If you can offer to billet/accomodate people please make contact. 3. 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE HIROSHIMA BOMBING AUGUST 6TH. Remembering Hiroshima *Peace Vigil August 6th, 10am-12noon, U.S. Embassy Dublin. 4. DUBLIN PLOUGHSHARES BENEFIT GIGS We are organising a benefit gigs in Dublin for the Ploughshares Defence Fund. *Thursday September 15th. 8pm Lower Deck (Performers to be announced!) *Thursday October 13th. 8pm Lower Deck (Performers to be announced!) 5. REGIONAL PLOUGHSHARES BENEFIT GIGS In the lead up to the October 24th trial we hope to have a series of benefit gigs celebrating the Pit Stop Ploughshares disarmament of a U.S.Navy War Plane at Shannon Airport and opposition to the continued use of Shannon to facilitate the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Please make contact with us if you can help set up gigs between mid-Sept & mid-Oct in -Galway -Cork -Wexford -Derry -Belfast -Oxford -Liverpool -Dublin If you can help email ploughsharesireland@yahoo.ie Ph. 087 9638398 6. MONDAY ANTI-WAR VIGILS Ploughshares maintain an anti-war vigil every Monday 4pm-6pm at the G.P.O. O'Connell St. 7. SUNDAY EVENINGS OPEN HOUSE AT THE CATHOLIC WORKER Sunday Evenings *6pm-Catholic Worker Liturgy *7pm-Soup *7.30pm Reflection & Discussion Text or phone 087 9638398 to RSVP or confirm. 8. DEFENDANTS AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC MEETINGS, SPEAKING AT SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, COMMUNITY GROUPS Ph. 087 9638398 Email ploughsharesireland@yahoo.ie 9. OCT 24TH - TRIAL DAY SOLIDARITY VIGILS AT IRISH EMBASSIES If you can commit to a solidarity vigil with the Pit Stop Ploughshares on the opening day of their trial -at an Irish Embassy or consul or a site of anti-war significance, make contact so we can publicise 10. DONATIONS TO "PLOUGHSHARES DEFENCE FUND" Donations can be lodged at any Bank of Ireland Branch. Ploughshares Defence Fund Account No. 80965573 Sort Code 900551 http://www.peaceontrial.com

Created By: Damien Moran