Response to Two state vs. one state (Elias Davidsson)

Elias Davidsson was born in Palestine in 1941 but has lived in Iceland since 1962. His father, David Kahn, born in Saarbruecken, Germany, moved to Palestine in 1931 because of religious reasons. His mother, Ruth, born Schnock, moved to Palestine in 1935 with her mother, sisters and brothers, because of the persecution of Jews by the Nazi regime.

Elias lived first at the outskirts of Tel Aviv and then in Jerusalem, in a mixed Arab-Jewish neighbourhood. He grew up in a similar manner as most Jewish-Israeli boys. Hardly 14 years of age, he was sent to Vienna to study music and then to France where his father's family (who lived there) took care of him. His turbulent teen-years were spent mostly in France where is got acqainted with the phenomenon of anti-Arab racism (particularly against north-Africans) and with ideas of socialism. He participated for a number of years during his teens in a leftist Zionist youth movement in France (Hashomer Hatza'ir) but left the movement, disillusioned with Zionist ideology which he recognized as based on racist premises.

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson