Response to Israel finds another obstacle

Again an irrelevant comment from the Dr, and yet again an allusion to homosexuality... do you think I'm gay (or even a paedophile?), and what do you have against gays anyway? What do you think Freud would have said about your sexual digressions? If you can't understand why I posted that picture, it was to back up my claim to have visited Iraq, and also to show that I'm not necessarily a blood-thirsty war-monger, but someone who tries to care about Iraqis and one whom those boys don't seem to be very uncomfortable with. Or do they? Before the picture was taken, I had been playing football with those boys (no, unlikely though it was, I hadn't just listened to Michael Jackson CDs, but it was a logical question, thanks.) If you still don't believe I have been to Iraq, I can post you a copy of an interview, over two pages, published in a Scandinavian 'Financial Times' upon my return from Iraq. The article also describes, through my English tour guide, how I was arrested by American troops (something I believe you haven't experienced) for taking unsolicited pics of an army convoy near Tikrit. Send me your email, and I'll email the proof you need.

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius