Response to Analysis Of The Irish Peace Movement 1 Week Before We Return To Shannon

Dear Dave,

Just to let you know we're not kneeling on our pews in the CW while you and your comrades are organising for this Saturday. As you can see from the info. below:

'Shannon & The War On Terror: The War Comes Homes' - Fri. Sept.23rd 7.30pm, Halla Ide, Limerick City

Public meeting

'Shannon And The War On Terror: The War Comes Homes'

Halla Ide, Thomas st. Limerick City

Friday Sept. 23rd 7.30pm


Ploughshares defendant and Catholic Worker Ciaron O'Reilly

Planespotter Tim Hourigan from the Mid-West Alliance Against Military Aggression.

Meeting will be chaired by former Irish Army commandant Ed Horgan.

For more info. please contact Damien at 087 9638398


In the above meeting, we hope to have inputs from some of the Limerick secondary school students who got into trouble late last week for handing out anti-war literature outside their school. We also look forward to hearing from the the four arrested at Shannon last Sunday for doing a banner drop and for recording it.

To respond briefly to another issue you raised:

"But I will pass on the message for you to those who are attending that they are 'disempowering' themselves"

They ain't disempowering themselves. It is the type of mass movement politics you have offered I criticised and which I believe has been disempowering. Re-read what I wrote not that which you would have wished for me to write. Don't pass on falsehoods in my name thank you very much.

Freedom of assembly is a constitutional right and you are free to attend the Four Courts or any of our events whenever you wish. Some of your colleagues joined us in March. The theme of the trial will once again be to remember the war dead, especially poignant from Oct. 24th as it is close to the Feasts of All Souls and All Saints or for the pagans, Samhain ( All we ask is for politicos to leave marketing their papers/badges/hats/scarves & headbands at home or at a site of significance away from the Four Courts, and also to consider carrying the name of a war deceased or an image highlighting the horrific nature of this war.

All are welcome to participate in the celebration of hope and resistance which will accompany our trial from Oct. 24th. It will be a place to meet interesting nationals and internationals from different backgrounds. It will no doubt serve to expand all our political horizons, awareness and appreciation for the activism others are currently prioritising.

For those who are not comfortable, around courts or around us we would encourage engaging in autonomous acts of solidarity. See link below for occupation of Irish embassy one week before our last trial:

Irish Embassy Occupation Ends With Arrests

For now I hope this is enough substance to overcome the writer's faux-pas you noted above. I also wish you all the best on Saturday and look forward to hearing reports of a demo. full of substance. Let's leave the style to those protesting against the use of fur at fashion shows.

I pray the ordinary punter joining in on Saturday won't "beat his bare breast with hands as pale as marble", as did Narcissus prior to his death. 

Hope this has been a lullaby for all who have taken the time to read.

In Peace,


Created By: Damien Moran