Response to The death of Simon Wiesenthal

  "Wiesenthal a Proven Liar?"

                                                                                                            by  Mark Weber and Keith Stimely

For many years Simon Wiesenthal has made a highly successful career for himself as the world's foremost "Nazi hunter." The American mass media have elevated him to secular sainthood and the U.S. Congress awarded him a special gold medal.

In reality Wiesenthal is a proven liar. The most infamous example was his charge that an elderly Polish refugee living in Chicago, Frank Walus, was a Gestapo official responsible for killing Jews during the Second World War. Only a long and costly court battle by an unusually tenacious attorney saved Walus from almost certain death. The government prosecutors were forced to drop their case ignominously. The popular Chicago Weekly Reader and the highly respected Chicago Lawyer published devastating expose's of Wiesenthal's role in the frame-up of Walus. Eventually even the Washington Post acknowledged his sordid role in the affair.

In Canada, the Toronto Sun, commenting on another "war criminal" case in which Wiesenthal was involved, and the accused finally determined to be innocent, editorialized: "It seems that material provided by professional Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal is wrong, but repeated [by the print and broadcast media] anyway."

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson