Response to IAWM position on Afghan elections

They received a reign of terror from the sky, twenty miles up I think. Nothing they could do would stop it. The invading forces had the power of Gods. They queued like we queued during the potato famine. They queued like every defeated people do, but they hide their freedom fighters, like they do. Their light, their youth, their hope of once again taking their place among the nations of the earth. Bombing them into freedom will make them hate the word freedom, probably to mean something like freedom to kill without conscious. People aren't sheep, even sheep aren't sheep, there are leaders among them. Someone will always take up the cause, and the invaders will always say they need to kill leaders to free the rest. Whoever thought of liberating women from their men except a cad, whoever thought of liberating women from their men by bombing them. Will they liberate their innocent children from their not innocent fathers, and half innocent mothers. Will George Bush father all.

Created By: Michael Harris