IAWM position on Iraqi elections

Today, Iraqis are risking their lives for a second time, voting on the new Iraqi Constitution. They brave the head-hunters' knives and bombs (the 'Iraqi resistance', as some IAWM members call these Sunni jihadists and ex-Baathists). Whether they vote Yes or No, they are part of a popular and growing, yet fragile, democratisation process - the first such attempt in Iraq. It may lead to a future stable democracy, or civil war. Yet, searching this website uncovers little interest in the Iraqi democratisation process - or indeed of any good news coming out of Iraq (or Afghanistan for that matter, see thread). Since there appears to be no posts - or even a strategy - on how (or if) IAWM wants to support democracy in Iraq, one must ask: (Q) Does IAWM support the majority of Iraqis now willing to risking their lives to vote in the referendum?

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius