Response to Reports that US plan Iran attack for summer

Alarming reports have come through that Bush has already 'signed off' plans to attack Iran as early as this summer. Scott Ritter's revelations comes after Pulitzer prize-winner Seymour Hersh previously reported that plans to attack Iran were very advanced. In the UK, anti-war group Our World Our Say - - have been placing full-page adverts to try to make this a 'central issue' in the election... but what else can we do? -- Bernard Matheson, March 14, 2005 This website has been fretting since well before summer (indeed since spring 2003) that a US attack on Iran, or Syria, or both - are imminent. Now I'm clocking 17. October 2005 - shall we call off the alarm for the moment?

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius