Response to IAWM position on Iraqi elections

It is important to keep in mind that no one desires the Iraqi people (methinks) to continue to suffer at the hands of a flawed regime; however, is there anyone who supports the notion that they should heave-ho to the barrel of a US gun ostensibly to support "democracy."  Who (in their right mind) can predict precisely how a "democratic"  Iraq, by virtue of the present elections, will live up to the Western notion of "democracy"  or, in the alternative, the present European perception of "democracy."  Read Paul Vigness' book "The German Occpation of Norway" and compare that to to what happened in Denmark during the same period. Why, not-so-Christian Borchsenius, did all those young Norwegian and Danish ladies return to Germany with those nasty German troops at the end of the war?       

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson