Response to IAWM position on Afghan elections

If you mean Blair has absolute power this is wrong as he is constrained and limited by the constitution though there are fewer impediments on his power than is the case in most other liberal democracies.  But it is very far from absolute power. On WMD there is little doubt that all interested governments and intelligence agencies thought that the WMD did exist. The record was there and Iraqi denials lacked credibility. The Governments of the coalition may have stretched it a bit but they were not lying. In any event WMD was not the sole basis for the invasion but was only the one highlighted at the UN as it was the only one which would allow a plausible justification of self defence.   The establishment of the a new political order based on democracy is proving difficult and lengthy but it is too early to say it is a failure and it is not the imposition of the will of the invader but  establishing the machinery to give expression to the will of the Iraqis.  Freedom and division are not necessarily incompatible like you assert. If the Iraqis prefer to be separate nations what is so wrong with that ? After all Iraq was an artificial entity to start with. Are the peoples of the Czech Republic and Slovakia less free because there are no longer in the same country? (Which was also an made up entity created after the first world war). The comparison is a lot more apt than with Ireland.

Created By: Pat Nolan