Response to IAWM position on Afghan elections

I meant Bush's power over Iraq and other countries, the strength of his army, the international clout. The people of the world knowing they can do nothing but protest and support those Americans who in growing numbers are realising something terrible has happen to their country and the world. If the intelligence agencies got it that wrong, then everyone should believe we certainly don't know what we're talking about. The intelligence agencies didn't get it wrong, Bush just listened to those he wanted to hear. I'm puzzled there are any people left out there who don't realise that the political agenda was the intelligence, pure and simple. There are hundreds of articles by intelligence people saying they tried to stop what was happening or explaining what happened. None of it was about bad intelligence but about political interference overt or otherwise. Each media report fed on another, a feeding frenze would explain the media. It sold more to say "we are under threat from a foreign country" than say "hold on a minute". Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Don't explain that Bush didn't bomb Denmark, I know.

Created By: Michael Harris