Response to The push towards Syria?

Mr. Ryan, you "don't see the issue here" because your post is unmitigated vacuousness, allied as it is with your defense of the poster who posts for the sole purpose of contentiousness for contentiousness' sake. Your weak statement of the "assesseement (sic)" of our country's concomitant inability to engage in war making on four fronts may, or may not, stand the test of time, i.e., 2008. Your cynical comment on Zack (sic) Martin's supposed view of Jews and "Westeners (sic)" is putting misspelled words in his mouth. A joke! By the way, in which branch of the military did you serve your country? Lastly, I find it incredulous you discount Zack (sic) Martin's perception of the abilities/intentions of the Mossad. 

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson