Response to The push towards Syria?

I'm still waiting for any semblence of a constructive argument from you Doc. As I already pointed out, you are incapable of issuing any original thought, you just spout the same old nonsense on every post. I think the windshield metaphor is getting a bit lame don't you? Try and broaden your insults, you might actually come out with something original. I suspect your modus operandi is simply to insult everyone who doesn't agree with you so that no 'real' issues actually get discussed. I must only conclude that you are incapable of supporting any of your arguments/paranoias.

I am in college to study Microbiology and not English. I have my Doctorate in that area and I don't really feel the need get another one in English. I have over 6 publications to my name so I feel my English, if acceptable to the wider scientific community, must surely be good enough for some one as yourself :). Have u any publications I could examine Doc. Considering the ott English you use, i sincerely doubt it.


Created By: Andrew Ryan