Response to The push towards Syria?

What is happening at the moment is that diplomatic pressure is being put on Syria by the international community for stated misconduct in Lebanon. Wouldn't most people see this as preferable to war which is inconceivable in any case as some of the more level headed and informed contributors have suggested. A forced behaviour modification of the regime rather than forcible regime change? Lets face it the regime in Damascus are no benign or democratic angels but a thuggish dictatorship with a history of mass murder of its own citizens at Hama in 1982 (30,000 killed) not to mention the recent savagery in Beirut. Some of the cruellest tortures used to day are Syrian specialties used on its political opponents - well thought by their erstwhile allies the former East German regime until they were thrown out by their own people when they got the chance. There have been disgraceful US abuses of POWs and terrorists suspects but it is a drop in the ocean to the behaviour of the Syrian regime over the years. The cause of human decency and dignity would be well served by the end of this regime preferably by a process of liberalisation which has to be stimulated externally in the first instance given that there is no political freedom whatsoever in the country right now.

Created By: Pat Nolan