Response to 100% right

Being suspect should hold little authority in ordinary life. Being suspect by the police should hold even less authority because of the vested interest in needing suspects.  But being suspect of terror should have lost all credibility after the WMD. Placing the word terror before suspect should alert people even more. But because it didn't, we have all those innocents being tortured and later released to return home and never a charge brought against them. They are the innocent, the so-called terror suspects. If you were one of these innocent and the police threw you in jail for 90 days you'd be entitled to believe you live in a dictatorship, that the people haven't been told the truth by police, intelligence and media.  The evidence is everywhere, Iraq, torture, deportation, and populations changing their minds after they learn the truth. You could conclude, by Blair sowing fear among the population, that the police have being granted power over your freedom for 90 days. That sort of incarceration could destroy a person's life. It's dictatorship for those who think the police might not like what they're saying. The police lobbied MPs to vote for the 90 days. If they won it would have furthered the process to becoming a police state.  The check in the system is you and me, if we give up our liberty or that of our neighbours everything falls. The British people have already allowed that there be a different law for some people living in Britain. This reminds me of; they came for the Jews and I did nothing because I wasn't a Jew, they came for the communists and I did nothing because I wasn't a communist, etc, until they came for me and there was no one left.  If I disagree with government policy I can argue with you or march on the street. If they locked me up for 90 days and destroyed my life I'd have no computer, no family, no job, and I'd walk down the street singing what a wonderful life. Such laws could create terrorists out of thin air. But they voted against it because they believed in freedom, not feared terrorism.

Created By: Michael Harris